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Santander Consumer Finance @ www.santanderconsumer.co.uk

Santander Consumer Finance

Santander Consumer Finance has been operational since the summer of 2005. The Spanish banking giant itself has a rich history dating back to 1857. The financing departments headed through www.santanderconsumer.co.uk splits between Car, Caravan, Commercial Vehicle and Motorcycle. It is the Car category that we will be investigating here. Within this section there are a few options including Conditional Sale, Lease Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and funding is also available through their Personal Loan choice. Through the Conditional Sale option (similar to HP), the term span is 12 to 60 months, their Lease product heads up to 48 and their PCP option is typically 25 or 37 months.


Barclays Partner Finance @ www.barclayspartnerfinance.com

Barclays Partner Finance

Barclays Partner Finance was originally formed in the 1930s as Carrick Finance. They later became Clydesdale Financial Services in 1987 and the acquisition from the banking giant took place in 2003 that has created the current identity. The bank itself was established in 1690. The financing divisions of Leisure, Motor and Retail are headed on www.barclayspartnerfinance.com. The Motor department discusses a range of funding options. This includes Conditional Sale whereby between £1500 and £50,000 is available up to 60 months. With this option the car is owned by the customer once the final repayment is made. This contract is essentially the same as a HP agreement.


Peter Vardy @ www.petervardy.com

Peter Vardy

The Peter Vardy brand was created in 2006 to keep the family name running after Reg Vardy was sold to Pendragon Plc who took control of their 96 showrooms. Pendragon control a range of prominent brands with Evans Halshaw being one such example who we covered here recently. This was a fresh start in 2006 at www.petervardy.com and since this time a range of Scottish dealerships have been built up across such prime locations as Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. There are currently 12 branches spread out across Scotland and 11 of these are big franchises from a select number of popular manufacturers ranging from Vauxhall to Porsche.


Car Giant @ www.cargiant.co.uk

Car Giant

Car Giant was formed in 1977 with their site (www.cargiant.co.uk) being setup in the year 2000. This company is branded as “Cargiant”, but we used the alternative spelling since the bulk of online searches are made under this term. From every motor dealer that we have studied, this is the second most popular (behind Arnold Clark). They have just one showroom, but this is famous for being the world’s largest and they even made the Guinness World Records earning this accolade. This showroom in London accommodates over 7000 cars and so there is certainly more than enough choice. Today we will be investigating the Car Giant finance options available.


Creditplus @ www.creditplus.co.uk


Creditplus was established back in late 2003 and they later launched online in 2004 at www.creditplus.co.uk. This car finance broker brand that is part of Whichdeal Ltd is based in Poole (Dorset). They compare over 50 lending options with Moneybarn, Moneyway and Santander being examples of the financing companies used. The agreements available includes Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase. It appears that HP is the only choice if you have a poor credit score. On the payment calculator provided you can select a car value between the amounts of £2500 and £50,000 and there is a repayment spread of 1 to 5 years.


The Car Finance Company @ www.thecarfinancecompany.co.uk

The Car Finance Company

The Car Finance Company is based in Portsmouth and they have a supporting network of branches in Bristol, Chatham, Nottingham and Southampton. The launch took place in the year 2007 and they trade on the web through www.thecarfinancecompany.co.uk. This is a direct lender, although they are also setup as a broker. A Hire Purchase agreement is setup and they provide a finance calculator that allows you to pick up some quick prices. On this calculator they head amounts between £2000 and £6500 with terms of 12 to 36 months. As you can see, these amounts and terms see big restrictions in comparison to their rival sector lenders.


Evans Halshaw @ www.evanshalshaw.com

Evans Halshaw

Evans Halshaw is one of the UK’s most popular used car dealers with a long history dating back to the year 1927. They are competing on the web through www.evanshalshaw.com. Over the years they have racked up 130+ UK dealerships. They have impressively took on a range of prominent franchises with such manufacturers as Citroen, Ford, Renault and Vauxhall. This brand is owned by Pendragon Plc who are one of the major players in the motor industry also known for their control of such companies as Quicks and Stratstone. Evans Halshaw finance is available under Hire Purchase, Hire Purchase (with balloon payment) or Personal Contract Purchase.


Fords of Winsford @ www.fow.co.uk

Fords of Winsford

Fords of Winsford is a prominent used car dealer that was established in 1959. They operate online under the abbreviation of FOW at www.fow.co.uk. There is just a single showroom based in Winsford (Cheshire), but this houses over 1500 cars that qualifies them as one of the largest motor supermarkets throughout the North West. Their website is equipped with a high quality internal search displaying their stock. A wide range of cars are available and not just those of Ford that some people may have assumed through the branding. This is a top 5 car dealer factoring web popularity and they hold a solid reputation in the industry.


CarFinance247 @ www.carfinance247.co.uk


CarFinance247 is a finance broker based in Manchester that arises from MotorMart Ltd. This company was formed by Reg and Louis Rix. Their about section heads the formation year of 2006, although their Facebook page shows 2002. They can be found at the web address of www.carfinance247.co.uk that has received a recent design overhaul. The financing options include Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase and they promote that no deposit is required. The total repayment span is 12 to 60 months, but no specific amounts are disclosed. In the lender section they currently head 8 companies. Some examples include the likes of Close Motor Finance, Moneybarn and Moneyway.


CarLoan4U @ www.carloan4u.co.uk


CarLoan4U is a popular finance broker based in Macclesfield that was formed by James Wilkinson and Ryan Dignan. They launched in 2006 at the URL of www.carloan4u.co.uk. The available financing agreements include Conditional Sale, Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase. The repayment terms of 24 to 60 months are headed. They reference using a panel of 15 lenders. Some badges are shown for a select number of providers such as Barclays, Hitachi, MotoNovo and Santander. You can buy your car from any dealership. Whilst the costs will depend entirely on who you are matched to, they do provide a finance calculator to hand some pricing estimates.


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