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The Car People @ www.thecarpeople.co.uk

The Car People

The Car People is a prominent motor dealer formed back in 1999. They operate online through www.thecarpeople.co.uk that is supported by trendy looking showrooms in Manchester, Sheffield and Wakefield. They collectively have in the region of 2000 stocked cars. This chain is popular online and they do look to be one of the top 10 dealers in the UK. Finance plays a key role in their business operations. Black Horse and Santander are headlined partners and it also states that a specialist broker is used. I would expect that Black Horse would be primary since they have worked with them for the majority of their trading years.


Can Can Car Finance @ www.cancancarfinance.com

Can Can Car Finance

Can Can Car Finance was launched in 2011 at www.cancancarfinance.com and they are based in Neath, Wales. This company is associated with The Trade Centre Wales who have 100s of used cars in stock at their huge 9 acre showroom (also located in Neath). It does appear that these are bonded within the same group of companies. This broker notes in their FAQ that they work with more than a dozen lenders. Badges are displayed for the likes of Barclays, First Response Finance and Santander. The ins and outs of the arranged financing is not disclosed. They do target bad credit and head that no deposit is required.


We Sell Car Finance @ www.wesellcarfinance.co.uk

We Sell Car Finance

We Sell Car Finance is a small car dealership based in Oldham. The current product information presented through www.wesellcarfinance.co.uk isn’t too thorough and we will have to do our best from the data presented. This website was created not too long back in January 2013 and so whether their roots go back further is unclear. No formation reference is attached to their social pages. If you are accepted, then you will have to head down to their showroom and so it will help if you are located in the Greater Manchester area. At this branch you will find in the region of 150 cars at any one time.


Credit Car Sales @ www.creditcarsales.co.uk

Credit Car Sales

Credit Car Sales was launched back in 2012 at www.creditcarsales.co.uk. This company was setup by Credit 4 Cars Ltd who issue the available finance. This is a lending division in this regard although this brand is actually setup as a broker that may perhaps be so that they can refer any applications that they are unable to accept. The only other way to access funding from the lender would be to go through a partner on the C4C Dealer Network. The coverage across the UK is extensive here with there being around 60 locations covered at this time (their central showroom is located in Basildon, Essex).


Midland Credit @ www.midlandcredit.co.uk

Midland Credit

Midland Credit was established in 2011 and they then started out on www.midlandcredit.co.uk in 2012. Their office is setup in the area of Derby. This company isn’t too well known across the sector, but they haven’t been active for that long. They have certainly packaged their website well and they do have a high score over on Trustpilot. This brand is targeting subprime audiences and those in self-employment. They do ask that every applicant must meet their minimum age bracket though that stands at 21. The financing agreement was not stated, but there was a section covering Hire Purchase and so this would be expected.


Lookers @ www.lookers.co.uk


Lookers is one of the most experienced dealership chains. The company was formed in 1908 by John Looker and they are found online at www.lookers.co.uk. The larger group has a few other brands on their roster. Whilst this central one covers England and Wales, Charles Hurst is notably popular that targets Northern Ireland and then there is Taggarts up in Scotland. It is not clear how many dealerships are in place for this particular company, but the entire Group currently has in the region of 120 outlets. Franchising has always been big business here and there has been a particular focus on both Vauxhall and Volkswagen dealerships.


CarShop @ www.carshop.co.uk


The CarShop motor supermarket was formed in the year 1999. They have 5 showrooms that are located in Cardiff, Doncaster, Northampton, Norwich and Swindon, whilst their online presence is controlled through www.carshop.co.uk. Across all showrooms there are over 4000 cars in stock to choose between. Many of the used car dealers that we have introduced don’t tend to do a great job of informing the user of the financing details, but this was fortunately not the case here. The options of Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase are available or you can instead just opt for a personal loan. The repayment span is 12 to 60 months.


Carcraft @ www.carcraft.co.uk


Carcraft is headed as the UK’s leading used car supermarket. The origins of this Rochdale-based dealer dates back to the year 1951. As it stands they currently have 11 UK showrooms. These can be found in Chertsey, Enfield, Lakeside, Leeds, Merseyside, Newport, North East, Rochdale, Sheffield, the Trafford Centre and West Midlands. This brand from CC Automotive Group Ltd operates on the web through www.carcraft.co.uk. The slogan of this company is “Drive Happy” and this is backed up by each customer earning a comprehensive 1 year Guarantee and a free MOT in the first year. They sell up to 40 of the world’s most popular manufacturers.


JCT600 @ www.jct600.co.uk


JCT600 is a highly experienced motor dealer initially formed back in 1946. Over the years they have grown their network to a tally of 51 showrooms. They are distinguishable through the lavish manufacturers that they have gone on to franchise. This includes the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari. The total number of cars available throughout their network stands at over 2500. We introduced this company due to their history and prominence, but we were really looking to uncover how the JCT600 finance at www.jct600.co.uk compared. On this site, there was no information surrounding the agreements, the repayments, or the costs. This makes it difficult to compare.


Arnold Clark @ www.arnoldclark.com

Arnold Clark

Arnold Clark is the UK’s most popular used car dealer and one of the key players across Europe. This company was established in 1954 and they have been active online since 1997 through www.arnoldclark.com. Whilst this dealership started out with just one showroom in Glasgow, well over 200 dealerships have now been setup stretching the UK. As it stands, 24 car franchises have been created including the likes of Ford, Renault, Vauxhall etc. They also tend to focus on their Motorstore showrooms. Collectively, they state that they have over 15,000 new and used cars available (you can actually search through around 20,000 on their site though).


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