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JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh

Lightning Dosh

It has been a good while now since we have introduced any loan brokers on the site. Today we will be profiling Sandhurst Associates Ltd and their two most popular brands that have become very popular in a short space of time (although this growth is aligned with aggressive SMS marketing). Sandhurst Associates is based in the Blackpool region and they have launched a vast collection of trading brands. We chose to highlight their most popular release named JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh that is also well known joins them. A few other firms on their network that have enjoyed swift sector growth have included 247 Funds, BrillBorrow, InYourSkyRocket and LootKwik.


Loans Plus More and The Finance Facility

The Finance Facility
Loans Plus More

This combo post has matched Loans Plus More with The Finance Facility. Each of these companies charge broker fees for everyone that uses their service. Search engine data shows that they have pretty much the same level of popularity online and they each also launched in 2009. Loans Plus More (also known as LoansPlusMore) is based in Glossop and they can be found at www.loansplusmore.co.uk that does house secure logins. Personal loans are primarily obtained here although they do have a +More category that covers additional products. You can apply for sums between £200 and £25,000 here and they display interest at 62.1% APR.


Loan Options and Priority Money Club

Priority Money Club
Loan Options

Loan Options and Priority Money Club are the most popular fee-based brokerage services for personal loans. They both also share the launch year of 2010. Beginning with Loan Options, they cover a wide spectrum of products. This includes credit cards, debt management and even energy switching. This company is based in Bridgend and they are found at www.loan-options.net. They claim to handle over 3000 applications daily. This may be more of a ploy to attract in further leads, but there is no doubt that they are a popular outfit. A service membership fee is charged at £67.76 and this is debited within the time frame of 62 days.


Cash Kitty and Now Payday

Now Payday
Cash Kitty

Cash Kitty and Now Payday have been handpicked here as a broker brand pairing. These companies are owned by 9Global Inc who are based in San Bruno (California) although they also have an office in London. The UK has been a primary target market for 9Global over the years with there being an extensive range of individual brands having been unleashed from them. From conducting some search engine data, most of these have minimal popularity at this time. Some owned companies include Find The Finance, The Money Finders and WageDay Finders. Flex Loans has been quite popular although this is designed to hook you up with instalment lenders.


Aspire Money and Best4Loans

Aspire Money

This post will introduce two of the largest bad credit personal loan brokers competing on the market today. This includes the Aspire Money service and they will be joined by Best4Loans. Both of these featured companies are very popular and they importantly don’t charge any broker fees when you use them. Both were interestingly created in Stockport although Aspire Money have recently listed Dudley as their new territory. They appear to still be based in Stockport though since they display a “0161” telephone code that covers the area of Manchester and its surrounding areas. Anyway, you can find this company at www.aspiremoney.co.uk that was created in 2009.


Cashub and Payday Lady

Payday Lady

Cashub and Payday Lady are monthly broker brands that were each launched in 2012 by Sigma Capital Solutions Ltd. These companies share a similar level of popularity and are usually spotted advertised on a range of payday review sites. If we begin with Cashub loans that are available through the address of www.cashub.co.uk, here they head sums of £80 up to £500. A sample £25 per £100 charge is displayed. They don’t disclose any info surrounding which lenders they send their applicants on to. It would be likely that a pingtree service is used by them. Fast cash is headed (including funding on weekends).


EPaydays and Sonic Pay

Sonic Pay

EPaydays and Sonic Pay are the creations of Revnet LLC who are based in the States with offices in both Florida and New Jersey. These two brands in focus were each launched back in 2011. Revnet have been very busy locally with other owned brands including Green Payday, Monga and UK Payday Loans. There are various others, but with many of these the domains had expired. EPaydays is their prize asset found at www.epaydays.co.uk. This is their most popular release although some of this popularity may be associated with the similar named EPayday company. Here you can access same day loans between £200 and £750.


100DayLoansUK and 100DayQuid


100DayLoansUK and 100DayQuid are payday loan brands owned by Blue Global Media. The initial one is by far the most popular that is in relation to www.100dayloans.com that serves their home country (the company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona). We have introduced them today as they are branded, but “100 Day Loans” does in fact take the bulk of the online searches made for them. Their local coverage is delivered through www.100dayloans.co.uk with this move occurring in 2011 (their Facebook page references the later launch of 2012 though). They have kept things simple here by just having a single partnership with QuickQuid.co.uk.


EPayday and Payday Pedro

Payday Pedro

The EPayday and Payday Pedro brokers have been fused together within this post. When we usually introduce brokers here, we combine two brands from any single owner, but this is not the case today due to each broker only operating through a single trading brand. This fusion was made simply due to each carrying a notable level of popularity across the market. This is particularly the case with EPayday loans that is the creation of Perfect Data Solutions Ltd. Their product is served from www.epayday.co.uk that was composed in the year 2006. This hands them with more experience than most of their market rivals.


Bee Loans and The Money Spider

The Money Spider
Bee Loans

This broker fusion will combine Bee Loans and The Money Spider that are each brands belonging to the Cheshire-based group Knight Creative Ltd. There are several other projects behind them such as ICashAdvance, Ladybug Loans and Payday Bubble, but the two in focus are the most popular. Bee Loans in particular will be the most recognisable name to many since they are an active advertiser online. This particular site is found at www.beeloans.co.uk that was created in late 2008. The alternative brand at (www.themoneyspider.co.uk) was created a few months before this. We will provide some insights here covering the primary company.


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