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12 months+

Savvy @ www.savvy.co.uk


Savvy is a 2014 rebrand of Lightning Loans that itself previously went under the guise of Valour Loans. The background of the original brand is unknown, but the owner has been trading since 2003. This is the second company that has changed their identity in 2014 (with the other being Different Money that was a change from MyMate). This new service in focus at www.savvy.co.uk is specialised in loans over the period of 12 months. If an applicant successfully passes their credit check, but is counted as a risk then they will be offered a smaller 6 month term on more restricted cash sums of £100 to £300.


SpringCoin @ www.springcoin.co.uk


SpringCoin is a personal loan lender found at www.springcoin.co.uk. They started out in 2010 with an automated payment negotiation tool that was released through the dot com address. They moved forward with this new lending operation in late 2013. This company is part of AvantCredit Inc who are based in Chicago and they also trade in their home country as AvantCredit that also launched in 2013. The SpringCoin loans have unusually high cash sums from £1000 up to £20,000 and the term span is 12 to 36 months. Bad credit is considered and they are reaching out to those who can’t get a loan from banks or mainstream lenders.


On Stride Financial @ www.onstride.co.uk

On Stride Financial

On Stride Financial is expected to become one of the premier personal loan brands over the coming years. You will spot the EuroNetCash LLC listing at the bottom of their site that is a subsidiary of Cash America International Inc who own the Pounds to Pocket and QuickQuid powerhouse lending brands. The On Stride loans available through www.onstride.co.uk are brand new for 2014. You can receive between £1000 and £5000 on terms of either 1, 2 or 3 years (early settlements can be made). What is different between Pounds to Pocket and this brand? The main difference is that these come much cheaper, but the speed has been halted.


Lightning Loans @ www.lightningloans.co.uk

Lightning Loans

Update: Lender Rebranded as Savvy.

Lightning Loans is a 12 month loan lender that you will find located at www.lightningloans.co.uk. This company appears to have either been setup in 2010 (or much more recently). They did previously trade as Valour Loans and they are owned by the Valour Finance Group who were formed in 2003. They have a few other brands behind them such as Best4Loans that is a brokerage service. Lightning Loans on the other hand is a direct lending arm of the company. They primarily offer a 12 month loan service from £600 to £2000. They do also reference a short term product in their FAQ between £80 and £800.


Everyday Loans @ www.everyday-loans.co.uk

Everyday Loans

Update: Duo Rebranded as TrustTwo. Further Updates to Follow.

Everyday Loans was established in 2006 and this brand is owned by Secure Trust Bank Plc who also control Moneyway. They can be reached online through www.everyday-loans.co.uk and you can find them on the high street through their wide branch network. There is in the region of 30 stores that each play a key role in the running of this subprime business. This is through applications for their standard product having to be completed on a face-to-face basis. Once accepted they hand you a cheque and so it can take time to access your funds. They accept bad credit such as past defaults, but they always ask for documents.


Quid @ www.quid.co.uk


The impressive Sunny.co.uk Loans brand receives plenty of praise from us. They of course had previously operated as 1 Month Loan who reached the market in 2004. Think Finance (UK) Ltd is the owner and they do in fact have a second service that not too many people may be familiar with. This is Quid that is served from www.quid.co.uk with the launch appearing to be sometime in 2012. This is a 12 month lender, but you can just settle after a single month. If you did this then you’d just have to pay 29% (£29 per £100) with no extra funding charge.


MyMate @ www.mymate.co.uk


Update: Lender Rebranded as Different Money.

MyMate was launched in 2013 at the vibrantly styled www.mymate.co.uk website. This brand is the creation of Matthew Sanders who has been very successful through the recruitment business (called de Poel). Soon after launch, additional short terms were available (7 to 31 days), but you can now only select between 2 and 12 months. The impressive sum range from £150 up to £2500 has remained in place. There are various term restrictions. For instance, the £1000 amount stops at the 6 month point (£1010 allows you to select 12 months). Cash limits could be imposed based on personal circumstances and there is a “Plan B” option in place.


1st Stop Personal Loans @ www.1ststop.co.uk

1st Stop Personal Loans

When you initially reach www.1ststop.co.uk you will be handed with the loan option of selecting Car, Guarantor, Home or Personal. This post was originally composed for 1st Stop Instalment Loans, but this service was recently replaced by that final option (Personal Loans). If you have used them in the past then you may recall that they at one time also had a “Payday” offering. The group owner is based in Blackpool and they have been operating since back in the year 2004 that highlights their valued market experience. These 1st Stop Personal Loans are available to UK residents in full time employment aged between 21 and 65.


Pounds to Pocket @ www.poundstopocket.co.uk

Pounds to Pocket

Cash America International’s QuickQuid Brand has certainly been one of their most valued assets to date, but this newer release (Pounds to Pocket) has enjoyed the same market traction since their launch back in 2010 at www.poundstopocket.co.uk. For large bad credit personal loan solutions before this time, you would typically have had to head to an Everyday Loans branch or perhaps pick a lender where a guarantor was required such as Amigo Loans (previously FLM). The problem with these choices was the delay in which the borrower could receive cash, although Amigo have since adapted their service to be fully online, although a guarantor must still be found.


Ladder Loans @ www.ladderloans.co.uk

Ladder Loans

Ladder Loans is an instalment lender that launched at www.ladderloans.co.uk back in 2011. This is a release from Inventive Finance Ltd that is part of the large DFC Global Corp group. Payday Express, PaydayUK and The Money Shop chain are existing local DFC brands focussed on monthly terms. This is the first product owned by them that caters extended periods. They did have a smaller product “Lite” that catered 3 to 6 months with £250 to £1000 sums. This has now been discontinued by them. You can now select between 6 and 18 monthly terms with the cash range being £500 up to £1500.