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Cash4UNow was introduced to the industry back in the year 2011. This brand was composed by Novaloans Ltd and it is served at There has been a few recent service upgrades here. For one, they have now dropped the single monthly term that carried 30% interest. There was also term restrictions based on the level of funding received, but this is no longer in force. They have also lowered the age limit from 21 down to 18. You can now receive instalment loans from 2 to 6 months. When applying, £100 to £400 are the first time sums and £750 is possible for those returning.

Over the available instalment periods the charge per £300 would be either £202.50 (for 3 months) or £270 (for 6 months). It is certainly advised to use the longest term since the daily rate works out much lower. These attached examples cover the Cash4UNow loans with slow funding. The same day transfer option costs an extra £10. You can quickly login securely at to control the loan with ease. This CCTA member is open between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5.30pm and you’ll need to get your application approved before 4pm if you are hoping to be sent same day funding (when selected).

When you do apply they will follow up with a quick call to your work for verification. If they can’t do this, a bank statement or wage slip will need to be faxed over to them. The applicant requirement of 21 has as noted been relaxed down to 18. This lender hasn’t been active for a considerable time and so they may be unknown to many people across the UK. You may have run into their side project (Wise Cash or WiseCash) where they broker loans. Those that have stayed loyal to this firm have left plenty of positive feedback and the value is good when you take their maximum repayment.