Cash Loans to Your Door: What is the Doorstep Loan Process?

Cash Loans to Your Door. What is the Doorstep Loan Process

Cash loans to your door are available from several Doorstep Lenders, but it would be advised to opt with Provident or Shopacheck who are the top companies with the widest UK coverage. Whoever you may happen to apply with, the time before you receive your cash is delayed. If speed is critical then it would be advised to opt with a top payday lender where you could potentially receive funds in just a few hours. It is common that the visit will usually be arranged within 2 working days. An agent will come to your home and once some documents have been signed they will hand you the money.

It may be the case that you are issued with a pre-paid card that will have the funds loaded on whereby you can then make a full cash withdrawal. This appointment will be arranged at a time that suits you best. Some agents can usually make late visits (should you work throughout the day). Provident are open on a Saturday, but their nearest rival (Shopacheck) is open from Monday to Friday and the same goes for their SFS brand. With no logins being provided by the top names this means you will have to run the account control through your designated agent. We provided some added insights surrounding Them Here.

The agreed payments are collected weekly that tends to be on a Friday. If you wish to request more funds or settle early then it makes sense to just speak to your agent when they make a weekly collection. Most of the studied companies tend to be quite flexible and so you should be able to make overpayments and you may be forgiven if you are unable to make a payment on the odd occasion. The objective of any such doorstep loan lender is to keep you on a contract and so they are usually happy to bring more cash loans to your door when you need extra credit.

One attractive service feature is that they don’t tend to request too much in the manner of customer eligibility. Poor credit including CCJs and defaults can often see acceptance and Provident even heads offering loans for the unemployed and they even cater those with no bank account. Doorstep loans for people on benefits are searched for a fair amount via Google, but there is no reference to this on the websites of Provident/Shopacheck. Whilst these are likely to cover most regions across the UK, unfortunately lesser well known providers usually have area restrictions. This was a shame to see with for instance Mutual (East Midlands) since they provide the lowest sector rates.