Cash Lady and Kwik Cash

Kwik Cash
Cash Cady

Some insights will follow here for the most popular introducer brands on the market today. What distinguishes this pair from the endless ocean of competing brokers is of course that each has received national TV ad campaigns. The Cash Lady Kerry Katona advert promoting has catapulted this particular brand forward, that has been supported by widespread media attention. Kerry Katona’s second bankruptcy ended the contract, but this again moved them back into the limelight. Kwik Cash (often termed as KwikCash) can be reached at They are also seen on TV, although these ads are often shown throughout the daytime and they carry no controversies.

Money Gap Group Ltd is the owner who are based in London. They have recently rebranded and were previously called PDB UK Ltd. They own various further trading brands with Cash in 1 Hour and Payday Bank being two notable examples. The Cash Lady loans have been available over at since 2011 (they are sometimes branded as CashLady). This website has a vibrant look and they do use encryption. They have set the maximum loans to £300 and the charge is headed at 29% (£29/100). The Kwik Cash loans site at was created earlier in 2006. They go up to £500, but again head a 29% charge.

This website isn’t quite as trendy looking, but they do use encryption. It makes little difference in which of the two that you head through, with the same backend being used. The Money Gap Group sends their applications to a range of major lenders that have been covered in the monthly category. I checked out the lender section info on where they state that they can deliver over 15,000 leads every week that shows how active they are today. Part of their success if of course owed to their advertising strategies, but they also have attractive affiliate marketing programs that helps to bring in further business.