Cash Kitty and Now Payday

Now Payday
Cash Kitty

Cash Kitty and Now Payday have been handpicked here as a broker brand pairing. These companies are owned by 9Global Inc who are based in San Bruno (California) although they also have an office in London. The UK has been a primary target market for 9Global over the years with there being an extensive range of individual brands having been unleashed from them. From conducting some search engine data, most of these have minimal popularity at this time. Some owned companies include Find The Finance, The Money Finders and WageDay Finders. Flex Loans has been quite popular although this is designed to hook you up with instalment lenders.

The brands in question have found the most success with the primary asset being Now Payday (sometimes termed as NowPayday). This product is served from that was created in 2010, but they may have started on an earlier domain. This company is advertised considerably on Google (you may have seen their ads here). Once you reach their homepage you will spot their calculator that displays a cash range from £100 up to £750. This calculator throws up a likely monthly cost of £29 per £100 that is a realistic figure that you should expect to pay once referred to a lender (no such names are mentioned).

They use SSL encryption here on that assures you of receiving a secure application. This is also the case on the Cash Kitty loans website found at This particular brand is a more recent creation of theirs from 2012. The same product info applies here that includes the £100/£750 range and the 29% rate. I have little experience with this newer brand, but I do know that the Now Payday loans have been well received over the years, whereby applicants are quickly matched to a good selection of the most popular same day lenders active across the market.