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The Cash Genie brand is the creation of Ariste Holding Ltd who are based in Ipswich. They also recently traded as PaydayisEveryday and TxtMeCash, but these sites have now been taken down. If you search for either of them online they have setup dedicated pages on that informs users of their new focus on this featured company. The original launch came back in 2009 and they have helped over 200,000 local residents with financing over their trading years. These loans have a full monthly term. There was previously an additional 3 month term headed a while back, but this option has now been discontinued.

The possible sums are £75 to £500 that can be accessed by new and return customers. There is a simple 1% daily rate in place for interest and so you pay £30/£100 taken out. There has been a recent change when it comes to the funding options. On a previous check, the standard slow choice was free and fast funding came at the price of £20 that shot the overall same day prices up. Fortunately, they have updated their service so that everyone now receives a free same day transfer. There has always been a Cash Genie promo code box, but there are no known active codes.

When filling in an application at the form is secured and once approved a login is provided handing the customers with full control across the month. This lender has acquired CCTA membership. From running through the product info there was a note that a Member Benefits Scheme is available although no further information surrounds the potential rewards at this time. The Cash Genie loans are available between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and they also open on a Saturday from 9am to 4pm. This service has been well received across the market to date and the fresh revamp and price reduction has been a welcome change.