Cash Cow Now and Payday Pig

Payday Pig
Cash Cow Now

Cash Cow Now and Payday Pig each belong to Stop Go Networks Ltd who are based up in Glasgow, Scotland. They have been known to work through a wide range of trading brands over the years such as Cash Cat, Loan Cheetah and My Big Fat Payday. The most popular release from them has been the Payday Pig loans brand. This was originally served from that was created in 2011, but they later moved to It was also in this year when the Cash Cow Now loan site ( was setup and this also now redirects to the (.co).

Their site designs are always styled vibrantly. The theme often changes, but the product info is always matched. This includes £100 to £1000 being headed as the possible funds and 25% (£25 per £100) being promoted as a sample charge. This rate is of course used for display purposes and will be set by the lender at the other end of the form. It is unknown which lenders they do currently use, but it would be likely that they use a Pingtree service that would feed the application to a range of leading direct monthly lenders. Although their websites always looks great, they never encrypt the application forms.

It is no surprise that the Payday Pig spam has been a key ingredient to make this the most successful Stop Go Networks brand to date. Aggressive email and SMS marketing has created a number of complaints on consumer forums. It is important to highlight though that this is not the owner doing this, but their affiliates who have pushed aggressively due to the generous affiliate scheme that rewards handsomely for any basic leads generated. Both of these companies are also listed on that will be aiding their prominence further. Money is of course a monster financial resource that is highlighted from their UK Alexa rank (currently 487).