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Update: Cash Cafe Closed

Cash Cafe loans were recently launched in 2012 at This is the workings of PPE Capital Ltd who have also been busy with their Cash Cafe Business brand. This is similar to the Wonga for Business company (now called Everline). The product in question today hasn’t been advertised much since their launch. They announced recently though that a TV advert was screening within a month, but this has not screened thus far. It would be good to see their profile become raised since they do have plenty of potential. Their branding and web design has been crafted to a very high standard.

New applicants can obtain small sums of £100 to £250, but there is a giant £1000 sum headed that is available to return customers only. The flexible term range provided is a nice touch that can be selected from 5 up to 45 days (few short term lenders stretch quite this far). As noted, the site looks great and this website does house secure account servicing. The loan charges are simply priced at 1% daily. This means that on each £100 borrowed, you’d pay £7 over 7 days or £30 over 30 days. This is not the only cost involved if speedy cash is in demand though.

Fast funding is optional at £10 and this fee is deducted from the funds sent. The operational times are not listed anywhere on the site, but are assumed to run during working days only. It would be expected to see 9am to 5pm times from Monday to Friday. To become a competitive short term lender, a promo code would be ideal to see to take out that transfer fee. As highlighted in recent posts, and are similar lenders that charge 1% daily after their promos have been added. The Cash Cafe loans match the 1% rate, but obviously that extra £10 ramps up the service value.