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Cash Access

Update: Lender closed (more details to follow).

Cash Access loans can be obtained from that was setup in 2009, although the full launch appears to have followed in 2010. This brand is part of Risk Inc Ltd who are also active through the Pay Day Blues brand that arrived later in 2011. This company is headed as a lender, but also as an introducer. A short term loan can be received between £100 and £500 at first, then possibly £1000. The main payment calculator on the homepage has not worked for some time now. It provides charges in error and the promo code (ATB2) headed on the front page doesn’t work either.

The actual pricing can be found listed in their charges page and FAQ page where they display a daily rate of 1%. A flexible term range is provided between 10 and 34 days. With this in mind, it should cost £20 per £100 over 20 days for interest. There is also a fast transfer fee that is not detailed anywhere, but this is priced at £5.50. The Cash Access loan site ( does use SSL and all customers are handed with a login. Operational times are not listed, but I did spot one note that stated that they just process loans during normal working hours.

Qualifying applicants must be at least 21 years old and those with past defaults would not be accepted. In this case they would quickly decline and recommend the lead on to someone else within their Pingtree service. It would be likely that they would pass across a large volume of applicants since those searching for a payday loan do tend to have past credit problems. Overall there are some good elements to this flexible service, although they do need to clean up that confusing calculator (and the promo code). Further to this, they should make a reference to the fast transfer fee that needs to be paid.