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CarLoan4U is a popular finance broker based in Macclesfield that was formed by James Wilkinson and Ryan Dignan. They launched in 2006 at the URL of The available financing agreements include Conditional Sale, Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase. The repayment terms of 24 to 60 months are headed. They reference using a panel of 15 lenders. Some badges are shown for a select number of providers such as Barclays, Hitachi, MotoNovo and Santander. You can buy your car from any dealership. Whilst the costs will depend entirely on who you are matched to, they do provide a finance calculator to hand some pricing estimates.

The headed sums range between £1500 and £50,000. If we use the example of a £10,000 sum over 48 months they throw up a selection of interest tiers. The cheapest (Excellent) created a charge of £1196 at 5.8% APR. The most expensive tier (Bad) displayed a cost of £6671.84 at an APR of 31.6%. We have termed this company as CarLoan4U here since they are mostly searched for under this spelling. They do brand themselves as Car Loan 4U though and they are also commonly searched for as Car Loans 4 U. Each application that is entered through is securely processed.

This company targets the subprime market and so they are looking for those with past credit problems that may include a history of defaults or perhaps past bankruptcy. Overall, this broker has crafted their site well and the information presented is clear and concise. It also helps to see that they are active every day. Their times include Monday to Thursday at 8am to 8pm, Friday is 8am to 6pm and both Saturday and Sunday is 9am to 5pm. CarLoan4U has emerged as one of the most popular finance brokers in recent years. The feedback received has always been supportive as seen in their high ratings over on the Review Centre and Trustpilot.