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The Car Cash Point logbook loan lender has been competing in this competitive sector since back in 2010. The headline of no credit check logbook loans will be helping to convert clients that reach This may also be supported by the huge possible lump sums that ranges between £500 and £50,000. They do restrict each customer to 75% of their vehicle’s value though. They don’t make any specific reference to the available repayment terms. However, I believe that 18 months onwards is where they start from. I did spot the pay as you go note though and so you can settle early to earn some savings.

There is certainly a lack of product detail across the site. This is seen for instance when it comes to picking out prices. There is no calculator in place, with examples being provided for a 3 year period only. From working out their premium sum, the total cost would be £2879.72 covering a loan at £1000. Over a single year this would equate to £959.91. This is good value, although we have seen just £700.04 offered elsewhere for this same example. When applying at, there is no SSL used on the form, although only a few minor details have to be typed in.

Once this form has been received, they will get back to you with an offer. This will be during their operational times that aren’t currently listed. Their office can be visited (in London) or they can instead send out a representative to complete the deal so long as you live in England or Wales. If you are successful then you should only have to wait for an hour to access your money. The Car Cash Point reviews on Trustpilot score very well and they are members of the CCTA that aids their feedback. As noted, no credit checks are made and they accept those with past debt problems.