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Capquest is an experienced debt collection agency that has continued to progress in recent years, primarily due to the acquisition from TowerBrook Capital Partners. They were originally known as Capquest Debt Recovery, although they now just use the single name for their identity. They have also made changes to as a further move forward with the new design looking much more refined than the previous look. This is actually a corporate web address, but it has been covered here as their payments are taken on an outside subdomain that has no popularity attached to it. The main site also links directly to this page.

This company was formed back in the year 1985 that is interestingly the same year that Moorcroft popped up who are the market leading collection agency today. With their operations spanning back to the 80s, they have established some impressive creditor partnerships, commonly in the financial sectors. They have for instance worked with the major bank RBS and with the well known credit card provider American Express. There is around 350 staff within this organisation and so they are smaller than most of their rivals. They can stand up to many of these though and do rank within the top 10 for market share covering consumer debts.

They have a main branch in Fleet (in Hampshire) and another one up in Glasgow. Over the years, this company has used Scotcall agents for their doorstep visits, but from checking their CSA page they are now listed under a much wider range of services and so I can’t see them using external agencies in future years. The website has as noted received a recent design upgrade. When you head through the button to make a payment on the external subdomain these payments will be encrypted. If you have any account questions then you can reach their support team on the line of 0333 999 7224.