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Cabot Financial

Cabot Financial was formed back in 1998 and they trade solely from that is used both for corporate purposes and to also take in debtor payments. This is another collection agency with a promising future ahead. They have generally stood just within the top 10 of every such DCA for total debts, but a recent collaboration should help to push them up the ladder. This partnership has seen them team up with Apex Credit Management that has created CabotCM. They both still trade through their original companies, but now share resources between them. A split has been made between debt purchasing, contingency collections and customer tracing.

Although Apex isn’t quite on the same level as Cabot for business taken on, they are very much the agency that everyone has being paying close attention to recently. This has been since they were awarded as the Consumer DCA of the Year 2013 by Credit Today with this ceremony being the biggest of its kind in the industry. With the combination of both companies, there are now over 700 staff that are spread across offices in Dublin, Kings Hill and Stratford-upon-Avon. Cabot Financial has always specialised in popular financial markets. Debtors will as noted have to head over to to clear any due arrears.

No SSL is currently used on payments that is hopefully a function that they will get round to equipping soon. For enquiries, they can be reached on the line of 0845 070 0116. This CSA member delivers a notable standard of guidance to all debtors. If you scan through their FAQ section they for instance discuss working with Credit Reference Agencies to get you back on track once you have started to pay them. This is refreshing to see with most of their rivals not providing such reassurances. CabotCM looks to have great potential and this is sure to be a busy few years for this allied force.