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Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor is one of the most well known commercial firms across the industry today. This DCA that is fully known as Bristow & Sutor Civil Enforcement collects the arrears of Council Tax, landlord rents, road traffic fees and so on. They are certificated bailiffs and hold a membership place with the CSA. This company that is based in Redditch solely trades online through that they created back in 1998. They have been trading for much longer than this though with their formation year being 1977 that shows how much experience this enforcement agency carries behind them. Their web popularity is also notably high.

With each DCA that we cover here, a reference is usually made to how well they rank factoring industry market share. Bristow and Sutor popped up in the mid 70s in this list. This isn’t overly impressive although they aren’t chasing up the type of debts that the major names do (typically with creditors involved in financial sectors). They were one of the highest ranked agencies that is specifically known to focus on commercial recovery. They did for instance rank higher than other big name enforcement firms such as Jacobs and Newlyn. Two notable commercial DCAs that did rank much higher than them in this list was Equita and Rossendales.

For anyone wishing to pay any arrears, this can be done swiftly through When you go to do this, a secure form will popup allowing you to complete the payment. When it comes to the Bristow and Sutor phone number, they choose not to openly disclose this to all visitors. Before they can provide you with this you would have to enter in your specific case reference number that is a strange move on their part. There is no doubt that this agency has come along way since the late 70s and they continue to stand as one of the frontrunners in their field.