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Update: BishBoshDosh Closed

BishBoshDosh is one of the newcomers to the industry that arrived in 2012, with their service being available through On this website, they offer both monthly payday loans and also a logbook option. With their central product, you can apply for £100 to £400 on the initial application, with £1000 being the max returning sum. The term is monthly although on their slider you have to pick when you are next paid. The rates are charged daily and so you could pay less depending on when you apply. Over the full month the £100 interest charge would be £29.58 and fast funding is optional.

The optional fast transfer fee is headed at the price of £3, although strangely in their 10 reasons to use them section they note this as being £9. I think they just haven’t got around to updating this older page! Secure logins are provided at that allows each customer to manage their loan online at any time. Since the BishBoshDosh loans brand has become active, they have managed to grow at a fairly speedy pace. They are promoted on several payday review sites, but what appears to have made the key difference in gathering momentum has been their advertising campaign on Heart Radio.

There is no reference to their trading days/times and so Monday to Friday would be the expected range. Assuming that £3 (rather than £9) is the same day charge, then the overall pricing of this product is set well. As noted, they do also offer logbook loans on their site. These are headed up to £30,000 over a maximum term of 18 months. This secured loan option will be studied in further detail at a later date. Just to add that their Facebook and Twitter pages haven’t been updated in over a year. They are taking applications though and so I wouldn’t be too concerned with this.