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BCW Group (PayBCWOnline)

The BCW Group is an experienced debt collection firm that dates back to the year 1983. They may be recognisable to many through the Buchanan Clark and Wells name. They are owned by the Gothia Financial Group who themselves were acquired in 2013 by Arvato AG. This company is in charge of the Credit Solutions agency and so they do have the required market experience to support them moving forward. The BCW corporate site was found at www.bcwgroup.com, but this has now been taken down. We have referenced PayBCWOnline that is still active. This is found at www.paybcwonline.com and this is used to collect customer payments.

This is of one of the larger DCAs active in the industry with over 650 staff members and various offices scattered across the UK. There are several agencies chasing up more accounts than they are today. Unlike many of their competitors that tend to focus on financial markets, this company has made their name through their relationships in telecoms and utilities. Asides from this, they do also chase up local Council Tax debts. They are a CSA member and their member page notes Bailiff & Process Serving and Court Action as being two such qualified areas. This is required for them to be working in the recovery of Council Tax arrears.

PayBCWOnline enables customers to swiftly send direct payments across to them at any time. The www.paybcwonline.com site has in fact received a recent overhaul and now includes a secure login facility that has been a notable upgrade. You can contact them on either 0141 221 3535 or 0844 571 4000 if you wish to get hold of their support team with any questions. This is one of the major players in the recovery sector and the experience dating back to 1983 shows that they have stood the test of time. It will be interesting to keep a tab on their developments now that Arvato has taken control.