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Barclays Overdraft Charges

Barclays overdraft charges are searched for more online than any other UK bank. This may not come as too much of a surprise considering that this is one of the Big Four Banks and they do have a history of charging excessive fees for overdrafts. Improvements have been made over the years to the fees enforced via This banking giant has a rich history dating back to 1690. They have in the region of 50 million customers worldwide with 15 million being located within the UK. The branch network is impressive, standing at 1600 local and 4800 worldwide. David Walker is the Group Chairman. We recently covered their Partner Finance.

When picking out the Barclays overdraft charges there was a range of accounts headed at The central one is the Barclays Bank Account. This has a £15 buffer and then a charge of 75p per day up to £1000. The price rises to £1.50 up to £2000 and then any amount over £2000 is £3 per day. This follows with an Emergency Borrowing limit that creates a £5 fee that is capped at 7 days and so you never pay above £35 per month. Going past this further you will receive an £8 unpaid transaction fee. Only one such charge will be imposed daily (the highest).

If you choose this account with “Packs” added then the overdrafts are free to £200, but you pay monthly for these upgrades. The Premier Current Account (income required of £75,000+) is another popular banking choice. Overdrafts here have no fees up to £1000 and then the same specs apply as above. Higher Education and Student Additions are free up to high cash amounts. Graduate Additions is the same, but this costs £7 monthly. Premier Life is another paid option. Their most basic offering (Cash Card Account) has no facility for overdrafts. Overall, their updated banking accounts and fees are packaged well, but you would ideally see higher buffer limits.