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Arnold Clark is the UK’s most popular used car dealer and one of the key players across Europe. This company was established in 1954 and they have been active online since 1997 through Whilst this dealership started out with just one showroom in Glasgow, well over 200 dealerships have now been setup stretching the UK. As it stands, 24 car franchises have been created including the likes of Ford, Renault, Vauxhall etc. They also tend to focus on their Motorstore showrooms. Collectively, they state that they have over 15,000 new and used cars available (you can actually search through around 20,000 on their site though).

The Arnold Clark finance options include the choices of HP, PCH and PCP agreements. Payments can be spread out between 12 and 60 months. To pick out some quotes at you will have to browse through the cars and select “More Details” and a calculator will usually be available below the specs. This depends on which motors are being picked out. The vehicle we studied had a cash price of £10,045 and across 48 months the total repayment amount was £12,151.12. The charge here would be £2106.12 at 9.86% APR. You must call to enquire or head to a local branch.

When browsing through the models, keep a look out for the Deal Plus listings that come with reduced finance. Those we checked were set at just 6.95% APR. All of the rates headlined suggests that they are focussed on good credit score clients only. When it comes to the funding itself, no such lenders are headlined, but they do use around 20. Every showroom that we studied was open 7/7 days. The times change across outlets, but they are commonly open until 8pm throughout the week and usually 5pm or 6pm over the weekends. The market feedback has always been supportive and SMTA membership has been taken on.