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The Advantis Credit debt collection agency is based in Stoke on Trent and there are just over 200 employees here (150 are situated in their call centre). This DCA was formed in 2004 and soon after in 2005 they followed up with This website showcases their available recovery services that caters not just consumer debts, but also arrears that have been made in the commercial sectors. The size of this recovery firm is quite small and they may not currently be one of headlining DCAs, but they have shown impressive growth levels in recent years and the volume of search engine queries in relation to them is continually increasing.

Carrying a market share ranking that lies in the 40s shows that they have progressed well in the limited number of years that they have been active within the industry. It will be interesting to see just how much they can move forward over the coming years. Although this firm caters a wide range of sectors, they are mostly aligned with recovering consumer arrears in finance, retail and in telecoms. Advantis Credit Ltd are CSA membership holders that stretches across various areas such as Consumer Debt Collection, Court Action, Utility Debt Collection as well as others. Through viewing discussion forums, the general market feedback for them looks to be positive.

The website is a single trading web property. They did previously take payments on a strange outside URL, but they now take them on the main site. This is good to see although they don’t currently use encryption that is expected to be integrated by such a prominent firm. Due to this, you may wish to contact them to make an offer of payment by phone. This can be done on the number of 0844 5565440 if you wish to do this. Overall, this agency looks to be emerging well in their chosen markets that is notable for the short time that they have been competing.