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ACE Cash Express is one of the most well known payday lenders in the States. They may well have been one of the originals as well since they formed back in 1968. This lender can be reached online at and they of course have a major store presence in many states up and down the country. Whilst they don’t reference the number of branches on their site, from viewing their LinkedIn page they listed the current number of 1751 (although this was from a few years back). These are generally designed for check cashing, although payday loans are available in all of the branches that we studied.

ACE Cash Express Inc is headed in Irving (Texas). They also provide prepaid debit cards under the Elite brand and they also provide loans in Canada as Zippy Cash. As the norm, we have investigated the product available in California. Payday loans up to $255 are available here charged at one cent below the cap at $17.64/$100. There is also an installment product accessible. All applications are securely processed through and you can fully service the loan via the login supplied. It is stated that the funds should reach you by the next business day. It is worth pointing out they will need to reach you by phone.

From checking on the contact page, no information surrounded their customer service hours. A check was made on one of their CA stores in Los Angeles and the Monday to Thursday times were 9am to 7pm, Friday was 9am to 8pm and Saturday was 9am to 6pm. Due to the high volume of stores, it may be better to head into a local branch for a quicker turnaround (when applying within the specified operational times). There is little to call between the ACE Cash Express loans and their competitors. The origins of 1968 and the vast store presence are two such qualities that helps this lender to stand out though.