5 Minute Money and Pocket Payday

Pocket Payday
5 Minute Money

New Wisdom Solutions Ltd is an emerging broker in the industry that controls a wide range of trading brands. We will be focusing here on 5 Minute Money and Pocket Payday that are their most popular owned companies with people searching on Google. On this popularity scale, LikeaLoan, Moneytree Loans and Payday Buffalo are further notable releases and some lesser well known names includes Got Your Loan and StarFishLoans. New Wisdom Solutions was incorporated back in the year 2008 and they have enjoyed swift progress since this time. You can access their corporate info through www.newwisdom.co.uk if you wish to learn more about them.

5 Minute Money is located at www.5minutemoney.co.uk with this domain being setup in 2011. This is their most popular web property that promises to deliver fast cash loans in minutes. This brand is actually more frequently search for online as 5MinuteMoney. The sums of £100 to £1000 can be accessed through their application form that is encrypted. A 25% rate is displayed for their monthly partners. You should of course expect to pay more, depending on which lenders are used through their Pingtree setup. Pocket Payday is one of their earliest released companies that was formed in late 2009 at www.pocketpayday.co.uk.

The same loan amounts and charges are displayed and they also use encryption here. The 5 Minute Money and Pocket Payday websites are each designed well and the content is clearly presented. This same effort has been applied across their wider website network. It would be ideal to see more details surrounding the lender panel that is used though. Another thing is that on their websites they throw up an intrusive popup advert when you leave without filling in an application form that would ideally be removed. It is unknown just why some of these owned brands are so popular today, since they aren’t an active advertiser online.