247Moneybox @ www.247moneybox.com


247Moneybox entered the payday loan market back in the year 2009 and they trade from www.247moneybox.com. Here they have served UK residents, but they have recently spread overseas to also operate in New Zealand and they will soon be launching in Canada as well (this site has been in development for some time). Active Securities Ltd have created an impressive loan service here, but it is one that is pricey if fast cash is required. Between £80 and £200 is granted to new customers with £800 being the maximum amount available once a customer earns trust. There has been a recent change when it comes to pricing.

They did charge interest daily at 1.2% that has been raised to 1.3%. The optional fast transfer fee that was set at £20 has also been reduced to £15. If you select a speedy transfer than they also charge interest on this. For a £100 loan sum over 30 days the slow charge would be £39. Same day funding adds the £15 fee alongside interest at £5.85. This creates an overall 30 day cost of £59.85 that is very high. It is worth noting that they set their prices daily and so if your payday is in 27 days then you only pay for the 27 days.

The 247Moneybox loans can be managed online at www.247moneybox.com with SSL also being integrated and they hold BCCA membership. Their customer service times have also been updated. They now close on a Saturday and operate between Monday and Friday between 8.30am and 6pm. This restricts new applications, but if you are an existing customer then 24/7 funding is possible. Here they submit batches of funding instructions hourly on each day of the week. This company has a good track record and they have been well received by their client base. This is clear from viewing their Facebook page that has attracted over 100,000 fans.