100DayLoansUK and 100DayQuid


100DayLoansUK and 100DayQuid are payday loan brands owned by Blue Global Media. The initial one is by far the most popular that is in relation to www.100dayloans.com that serves their home country (the company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona). We have introduced them today as they are branded, but “100 Day Loans” does in fact take the bulk of the online searches made for them. Their local coverage is delivered through www.100dayloans.co.uk with this move occurring in 2011 (their Facebook page references the later launch of 2012 though). They have kept things simple here by just having a single partnership with QuickQuid.co.uk.

A new customer sum of £1000 is displayed by 100DayLoansUK with a max return figure of £1500. QuickQuid’s variable interest charge of £20 to £29.50 per £100 is shown that is scored on a credit check. You can select a 100 day term on the secure application form, but for some reason they haven’t got around to updating their content whereby they only list the 1 or 2 pay periods of QQ. This lender now offers a 3rd pay period and further to this their FlexCredit product caters 1 to 10 months. If you go on to receive a loan then a commission will be earned in the process.

100DayQuid has also been referenced here that is served from www.100dayquid.co.uk. This site was created recently in 2012 and they also use SSL here. From running through the loan details provided, it is clear that they are also using the same direct lending partner for this service. This brand isn’t too well known at this time. Blue Global Media is certainly a prominent broker, particularly in their home country. One of the main issues is that they do just direct you to a single local lender. In comparison, most brokers use a Pingtree system with multiple lenders attached that creates a much better chance of acceptance.